The Brooks Family - Christmas 1949

In 1949, the Brooks family, of LeRoy, NY -- my family -- owned a wire recorder. This was before the
days of tape recording. The signal was recorded onto a thin wire stored on a spool. The recordings
on this page, including one of 1-year old Scotty making everyone laugh, were made on this wire recorder.

Native American song from Washago Ontario: Gordon Miller-Grandad

Lullaby: Eleanore Miller-Grandma
Oh Where Has the Little Dog Gone: Meredith Brooks- Merry
Animal Babies Book reading: Merry, 7 years old
Billy Boy: Marjorie Brooks- Mom
Jingle Bells: Everyone
Harvest Moon: Robert W. Brooks- Dad and Grandma
Introduction for Mr. McKay: Grandma practicing for an upcoming meeting
BaBa: Scott Brooks, one year old with coaching from Merry
Home on the Range: Everyone with Dad on Ukulele
Smiles: Grandma and everyone
Big Rock Candy Mountain: Dad and Robert G. Brooks -Bobby, four years old
Clementine: everyone
Row Your Boat: Everyone
Old McDonald: Dad in lead with everyone
Little Nut Tree: Merry and Dad with Uke and Bobby on second verse
Bobby with his own made-up' song
Frere Jacques: Merry
Daisy: Grandad and Bobby

Laughs: the family
Sunset Serenade - Dad on Piano
Late Summer Sail (for Bob) - Scott on kurzweil ca. 1987 written in the style of my Dad

Unknown glee club