Music Background Tracks


The background music for each live show is carefully created in my MIDI studio. Each original track has been recorded specifically for this purpose. It's important to honor the original song but also take it somewhere that brings new life to the song.

Listen to a few of these backgrounds to get a sense of the music that underpins the live vocal and instrument solos added during a live show.

I Got the World on a String

Big hit for Cab Calloway in 1932. Always a favorite. If you can keep from tapping your foot to this one, I'll give you a quarter!

Lonely Town

Vulvpeck 2018

Great new song by Vulfpeck. One of my absolute favorites. If McCartney were a young man today, he might have written this song -- reminds me of Penny Lane.

I Can't Stop Loving You

Originally a country hit, Ray Charles' 1962 cover is the defining version of this song. So, I kept the piano rolls of the classic sound.

The Lady is a Tramp

This ever-popular song was a huge hit in 2011 for Lady Gaga and Tony Bennet, but since it's release in 1937 everyone's done it--seriously.

Better Together

This Jack Johnson song from 2005 can't help but lift the spirits. It's some sweet romance without sounding like it. I like that.

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Just the Two of Us

I love the way this song builds and the soulful way it supports the vocals. This is a great song to sing over. So smooth.

Happy Together

Add a little jazz sensibility to this 1967 pop song and you get all the good vibes of the original and then some.

Don't Get Around Much Anymore

Number One on the hit parade for the Ink Spots in 1943, it's been recorded just about every year since: Harry James, Willie Nelson, Nat King Cole, The Coasters, Sam Cooke, Paul McCartney...etc.

Fields of Gold

Sting 1993

Fields of Gold is a 1993 song written and performed by Sting from his album Ten Summoner's Tales. I tried to stay true to the spirit of the original.

I Will

I sing several classic Beatles songs and use a different approach to the arrangement for each. This one's pretty straight ahead. It's a great song to sing.