"My FaceBook has been Hacked"


Suddenly someone is posing as you on FaceBook, asking all your friends to friend them. And people are telling you "you've been hacked"

That's not true. Your account has not been hacked. You don't need to change your password or delete your account.

You should, however ask your friends to block and report the fake you. And it's easy to do (see below).

Here's what really happened. Someone has downloaded your profile photo (many folks make their profile photo public--as I do). Then, they opened a new FaceBook account using your name and your photo. They can see who your friends are. So, once the new account is set up, they contact all your friends asking them to friend this new account.

One (or more) of your friends should take this easy step. Go to the profile of the impersonating account and refuse the request and mark it as SPAM. Then, follow the on-screen instructions for impersonation. FaceBook will gladly close these phony accounts.

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